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The water crisis in Nairobi is worsening by the day, despite the rains a few days ago across the country.

The long rains still have not arrived in the capital.

The government may be forced to shut down electricity generation at its largest hydroelectric dam if the ongoing drought persists beyond a month, Energy PS Joseph Njoroge warned yesterday.

Nairobi — Water rationing in Nairobi is expected to worsen in the next two weeks after the levels at the Ndakaini dam hit a new low of below 25 per cent.

Cape Town - Cape Town’s water supply is down to its last 100 days, resulting in the municipality bringing forward its emergency supply schemes.


The “General Guidelines for Water Audit & Water Conservation” have been prepared as conceptual guidelines to cover broadly three main sectors of water use viz. irrigation,

The objective of this case study is to understand the application of ICT technologies for rural groundwater management in China, and it’s impacts on the rural poor.

This book offers a devastating look at deeply flawed development processes driven by international finance, African governments and the global consulting industry.

This research report chronicles the evolution of thinking on water productivity in the research agenda of IWMI and in the broader irrigation literature over the past 20 years.

This is the final report of the baseline and good practices study on water and fodder availability along the livestock trade routes in the Horn of Africa. This regional study aims to

In this modelling study, the researchers optimised typical dietary patterns in an Indian population sample to meet projected decreases in the availability of water per person for irrigation (blue water footprint) due to population growth (to 2025 and 2050). The optimised diets met nutritional guidelines and minimised deviation from existing patterns. Resulting changes in life-years lost due to coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancers were modelled using life tables, and changes in greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production of diets were estimated.