Recent years have witnessed a groundswell of private sector commitments to reducing deforestation linked to the agricultural commodities that underpin vast corporate supply chains.

TRICHY: The palm tree, known for its usefulness from top to bottom, is rapidly diminishing in numbers.

PANJIM: Continuing its fight over the amendment to the Tree Act classifying the coconut tree as a palm, Green Brigade Group protested at Goa-Velha and Taleigao on Monday.

Madagascar, the island nation in the Indian Ocean is home to some of the exotic and rate flora and fauna. However, there is bad news for its palms.

Scientific classifications can sometimes lead to tricky situations. Bamboos are as much carbon as trees and some of them grow really quick sequestering carbon dioxide faster than the trees. So one would expect bamboos to be plants of choice for climate change mitigation.

Ahmedabad: The beautiful bottle palm trees planted along the picturesque Kankaria Lake Front development (KLFD) during its inaugural year in 2008 are dying a slow death.

Date growers of different areas of Khairpur are worried due to a viral attack on date-palm orchards. The disease has affected roots and trunks of date palms and production of dates.

A pilot palm tree cultivation project was launched in Jessore on Saturday with a view to encouraging farmers to plant palm trees in a larger way.
The commander of the joint force, Lieutenant Colonel M Tanvir Iqbal, inaugurated the project in a ceremony held on the premises of Jhikargachha upazila office.
The deputy director of the Department of Agricultural Extension, Khairul Islam, among others, attended the programme.

Yellowing disease strikes Sri Lanka's coconuts: Coconut trees in Sri Lanka's Southern province have been affected by a yellowing disease, said plantation industries minister D M Jayaratne in

palms can reflect climatic changes. Researchers have found Trachycarpus fortunei, a Chinese palm, generally found in warmer conditions, is now found even in temperate regions including southern