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Is this beautiful world fighting for its very existence? Will the coming generations be in a position to enjoy every element of nature? Are we constrained to live in a highly polluted environment?

MUMBAI: Fishermen groups in Mumbai have opposed the site shortlisted for the proposed Shivaji memorial once again.

The Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Council Panel today expressed concern over environmental pollution and directed the Pollution Control Board (PCB) to send a team to Budgam district to check the es

85% of emissions impact comes from their production

Over indiscriminate disposal of waste

Social conditional transfers (CTs) and payments for ecosystem services (PES) have the same starting point: the assumption that direct, conditional incentives are the most effective way to change behaviour. However, contextual disadvantages affect the capacity for the very poor to comply.

Placing Asian economies onto a sustainable development pathway requires an unprecedented shift in investment away from greenhouse gas, fossil fuel, and natural resource-intensive industries toward more resource-efficient technologies and business models. The financial sector will have to play a central role in this green transformation.

The remanded prisoners facing three counts are Julius Malemi (41 years), Ludovick de Ferranti (27), Fredrick Robert Masanja (51) and Allen Francis Noni (31).

Parliament's committee on natural resources has summoned 13 companies which are mining sand in and around Lake Victoria Basin.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has shut down Edisaw Company limited, a plastic manufacturing factory in the La Dadekotopon Municipality of the Greater Accra Region, which has been cited