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A wandering elephant on an Eastern Cape reserve owned by a wealthy Arab sheik, was shot dead at the weekend, sparking an outcry from conservationists.

Applauding the Chinese Government"s closure of many of its ivory factories and retail outlets, the United Nations environment wing has called on other countries and territories to follow China"s ex

The Ebo forest boasts gorillas, chimps and forest elephants, plus a local NGO doing wonders to conserve it, but delays in granting national park status are putting it all at risk.

Reptiles being sold openly and illegally in Moroccan markets

ANYONE found illegally selling controlled wildlife will be fined N$25 million instead of the current N$20 000, while jail time which is five now goes up to 20 years.

For the first time in 24 years, this report comprehensively summarizes the status — population size and population trends — of Antarctica’s five penguin species, continent-wide and in key regions. These species total at least 5.7 million breeding pairs nesting at 660 or more sites across the entire Antarctic continent.

Nairobi - The price of ivory in China has dropped sharply as the country plans to end the legal trade in ivory later this year, a leading elephant conservation group said in a new report on Wednesd

New research into what caused extinctions at the end of the last ice age has revealed the life-altering force of warming temperatures on Earth.

At least Rwf1 billion has been paid to over 5,500 people bordering national parks whose crops were damaged by wild animals.

CONTROVERSY surrounding the disappearance of a rhinoceros, christened John, was put to rest yesterday after a probe team formed by the state last December revealed that the animal died at a private