Bushmeat hunting threatens biodiversity and increases the risk of zoonotic pathogen transmission. Nevertheless, limited information exists on patterns of contact with wildlife in communities that practice bushmeat hunting, especially with respect to social drivers of hunting behavior.

Arunachal Pradesh is rich in biodiversity and has become a hub of scientific explorations leading to the discovery of new taxa species. Of late Arunachal Pradesh has become the focus of national and international wildlife research and conservation, partly due to its status of being in the Eastern Himalayas 'biodiversity hotspot'.

At Pakke Tiger Reserve, Nandini Velho learns how a hunting tribe can be partner in conservation.

One of the largest populations of green turtles (Chelonia mydas) in the world spends at least part of its life cycle in the remote Torres Strait between Australia and Papua New Guinea. This population is subjected to traditional harvests from geographically dispersed communities including along the northern and eastern coasts of Australia, Indonesia and south-western Pacific nations.

This paper tries to understand, from an emic perspective, the different dimensions of social support among the Cholanaickan, a hunter-gatherer community of Kerala. It tries to understand why the support system extended by the state has ended as being perceived as a

deforestation Kenya evicts settlers Three decades after allotting land to the hunter-gatherer community of Ogiek in Mau forest, the Kenyan government has asked them to leave. The 2,500 Ogiek families have been asked to surrender their title deeds by October. The move, Prime Minister Raila Odinga said, was made to save the country

The Indian state

In the year 2000, the author a wildlife researcher chose the Palni Hills and had set out to do a survey of mammals along the eastern part of Western Ghats that covers an area of over 2,000 sq. km. The author planned to gather reports of mammals at different elevations and habitats across the Palnis and proceed to intensively survey the areas.