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ENVIRONMENT minister Pohamba Shifeta says 60 people were killed by wild animals over the past three years, with seven of the attacks taking place this year.

Wildlife crime has come under increasing international scrutiny in recent years, with ever more money being spent on activities to combat it. However, little is known about what drives local people to become involved in wildlife crime, or about which interventions are likely to be most effective in tackling it.

A new report based on a study of 2,717 plantations in Borneo provides evidence that RSPO-certified concessions lose 25 times less forest and orangutan habitat than non-certified ones.

Developments in electronic tagging and tracking have revolutionised the way wildlife is studied and improved conservation strategies.

A ten-day aerial elephant census was concluded over the weekend in the Tsavo Conservation Area.

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) will rely on data generated from the ongoing census on elephants and other large mammals to strengthen their protection amid multiple threats, officials told Xinhua

Pretoria — The number of poachers and traffickers arrested for rhino-related poaching offences in South Africa has doubled.

The number of rhinoceroses killed by poachers in South Africa last year fell 10 percent as arrests for illegal hunting of the animals more than doubled to a record.

केस दो: महिला को मार डाला- नवंबर 2016 में उमरिया में ग्राम ताली में बाघ के हमले में आदिवासी महिला चरकी बाई की मौत हुई। बाघ के हमले के वक्त वह सो रहीं थीं।

देश में वर्ष 1995 से अब तक के परिदृश्य को देखें तो हर साल ही औसतन 46 बाघों को शिकारियों व तस्करों ने निशाना बनाया। ऐसे में बाघों पर संकट बढ़ गया है।