Order of the Madras High Court in the matter of Dr. D. A. Prabakar Vs State of Tamil Nadu & Others dated 21/11/2016 regarding Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola in the SIPCOT Industrial Growth Centre, Gangaikondan Village, Maanur Taluk, Tirunelveli District using water from Tamirabarani River for the purpose of manufacturing soft drinks and mineral waters.

Sugary drinks are the leading single source of empty calories in young people’s diets and directly contribute to diet-related diseases, including obesity and diabetes. Each 8-ounce serving of a sugary drink added to a child’s diet increases his or her risk of obesity by 60%.4.

In an article that forms part of the PLoS Medicine series on Big Food, Corinna Hawkes and colleagues provide a perspective from South Africa on the rise of multinational and domestic food companies, and argue that government should act urgently through education about the health risks of unhealthy diets, regulation of Big Food, and support for healthy foods.

In an article that forms part of the PLoS Medicine series on Big Food, Kelly Brownell offers a perspective on engaging with the food industry, and argues that governments and the public health community should be working for regulation, not collaboration.

Global food systems are not meeting the world's dietary needs. About one billion people are hungry, while two billion people are overweight. India, for example, is experiencing rises in both: since 1995 an additional 65 million people are malnourished, and one in five adults is now overweight. This coexistence of food insecurity and obesity may seem like a paradox, but over- and undernutrition reflect two facets of malnutrition. Underlying both is a common factor: food systems are not driven to deliver optimal human diets but to maximize profits.

The government is enacting an ordinance for the formation of the proposed river basin and wetland authorities.

Minister for Water Resources N.K. Premachandran told the presspersons here on Tuesday that the Cabinet had already recommended the draft Kerala Irrigation and Water Conservation (Amendment) Ordinance for promulgation by the Governor.

PALAKKAD: The Perumatty grama panchayat, which won a legal battle against Coca-Cola at Plachimada, has sought compensation from the company for permanent damage done to groundwater, soil, agriculture and livestock in the village.

Grama panchayat president K.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday directed the Centre to reconstitute

While considering several expert reports, including the World Bank, on ill effects of carbonated soft drinks and growing adulteration in food products, the Supreme Court on Tuesday quashed the panel of scientific experts set up under the new food safety law after finding that several of its members had been directly taken from the industries, including Pepsi and Coke whose products are under the s

Historically, developed countries such as the United States have been the largest producers of food products. However, there has been a slight shift in recent times, with China, Russia and India increasing their production capacities.