A comprehensive assessment and ranking of water disclosure practices by Ceres of 100 publicly-traded companies in 8 key sectors exposed to water-related risks - beverage, chemicals, electric power, food, homebuilding, mining, oil & gas and semiconductors.

A tool for investors to assess the management of biodiversity and ecosystem services risks and opportunities in companies with an agricultural supply chain. This document describes the Ecosystem Services Benchmark (ESB), drawing examples from its

the association of physicians in India has decided to raise Rs 1 crore through endorsements this financial year. The decision comes a year after the Indian Medical Association, or ima, faced flak for endorsing food products. When ima had endorsed PepsiCo

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Pepsi, which was founded and marketed by a pharmacist as a digestive syrup, is revisiting its roots with an ultra-cheap softdrink that will aid the fight against anaemia in women in rural India.

The product expected to be launched as early as next year may cost just Re 1 or Rs 2 for a drink, although a decision on the packaging is pending, sources familiar with the project said here.

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Suvi Dogra & Kanika Datta / New Delhi June 16, 2009, 0:27 IST

NEW DELHI: Noted environmentalist Vandana Shiva released a new book,

Energy drinks sold in restaurants and grocery stores have caught the eye of food regulators in Maharashtra. In the first week of April, they seized large quantities of beverages sold under brands like Red Bull, Cloud 9, Fighter and SoBe Adrenaline Rush from godowns in Pune and Mumbai.

Government has been dithering over implementing the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. Though the rules under the Act are yet to be framed, the legislation has undergone several amendments. The Act covers all packaged and processed food, infant food, packaged drinking water, alcoholic drink, chewing gum, irradiated and genetically modified food, organic food, health food and

Advertisements claim energy drinks boost physical activity and alertness. This is achieved by mixing caffeine with vitamins and herbs. Cloud 9 energy drink contains natural energy boosters, guarana (rich natural source of caffeine), ginseng, taurine, pomegranate and vitamin B. Who created it? A Thai businessman, Chaleo Voovidhya, is reported to have