Maharashtra Food and Drug Minister Girish Bapat has announced a ban on the sale of Maggi with effect from today after lab tests proved presence of lead above the permissible level in the samples te

India’s food safety apparatus needs sweeping reforms to ensure that its norms are on par with international standards, including an accreditation system that not only screens labs but also its pers

The U.P.

The Food Safety and Drug Administration Department will file a chargesheet against KFC outlet on DB road and the company for having sold food that is unsafe for consumption, designated officer Dr R

INDORE: Several popular packaged instant food items are failing the quality test, besides Maggi noodles by Nestle.

RAIPUR: What perhaps puts a question mark on the quality of tests conducted by Chhattisgarh Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Department at the state's food testing laboratory, government of India

Cosmetics manufacturers operating without valid licences are now under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) radar.

PUNE: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cancelled the licences of nine food business operators and suspended those of 233 others in Pune in the last financial year for dispensing unsafe an

Detected In Samples Collected From Plants In Jalna, Parbhani

US FDA Chief Hails India’s Food Safety Commitments

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioner Margaret A Hamburg on Monday said the regulator was now implementing the most sweeping food safety legislation in over 60 years.