D G Shah
Secretary General IPA*

A sense of doom is not at all warranted

THE recent FDA action is a warning for several other companies that are already in the US market or intend to enter it in the near future. Just as they had learnt to emulate the success of the pioneering efforts of Ranbaxy, they will learn the hard lessons from the recent experience of Ranbaxy.

The European Commission made today an important step forward in its efforts to ensure food safety in the European Union, as a regulation revising and simplifying the rules pertaining to pesticide residues entered into force. The new rules set harmonised Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) for pesticides. They ensure food safety for all consumers and allow traders and

Lawmakers voted Thursday to subpoena nine companies responsible for analyzing the most dangerous food entering the country as part of an investigation that gained more urgency with an outbreak of salmonella from tomatoes.

This paper sets out the Administration's proposal on the formulation of a Food Safety Bill with new food safety control tools to enhance the protection of public health and consumer interests.

Two years ago, Parliament passed the food safety act. Till date the union health ministry has not notified the law in full, nor has it formulated rules under the act. Instead, the ministry has now signed an agreement with the us to draw up standards for import and export of food and medicine.

Lysine corn, a genetically modified version designed by Monsanto as animal feed, can now be legally imported and sold in New Zealand. The Food Safety Authority says it is satisfied with tests

Despite criticism by ngos and consumer groups, the us food regulator has announced that cosmetics, drugs and other products that use nanotechnology will now not require special regulations or

Ensuring food safety to protect public health and promote economic development remains a significant challenge in both developing and developed countries. Considerable progress to
strengthen food safety systems has been achieved in many countries, highlighting the opportunities to reduce and prevent food-borne disease. However, unacceptable rates of foodborne

Paving the way for setting up of an authority to regulate food items across the country, the Lok Sabha on Tuesday passed a Bill to amend the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006.