Sunita Narain, an Indian environmentalist, has dented two of the world's glossiest brands : a report.

Soft drinks contain two key constituents

The health ministry's pesticide residue sub-committee was entrusted the job of fixing a pesticide residue standard for soft drinks. The committee, in March 2004, called "stakeholders' for discussions. Interestingly, for this health ministry sub-committee the only worthy stakeholders were industry. Of the 21 invited, only five responded and only two made written submissions.

In December 2005, CSE's Pollution Monitoring Lab decided to check whether the samples of soft drinks available in the market are within the limits prescribed by BIS or not. A total of 57 samples, of 11 brands of Pepsi Co and Coca Cola available in the market, were collected from 12 different states of the country.

A joint team from Hazards Centre and People

when you buy a bottle of Coke, the company's sales figures increase.

Two Rajasthan high court advocates, Madhav Mitra and R.S. Chauhan, under the auspices of NGO Public Action Group, have filed a public inerest litigation demanding that packaged food companies, like soft drink makers, be directed to print the exact level of pesticide content on the food packs. A bench comprising S.K.

This report compiles a range of benchmark curves and indicators for energy intensive industries and products. The data presented
cover approximately 55% of final manufacturing industry energy use including energy use in refineries. The analysis differentiates between ICs and DCs.