The Union Cabinet's Committee on Economic Affairs on Thursday approved a proposal for an investment of $52.4 million (Rs.205 crore) in Hindustan Coca-Cola Holdings Private Limited by its parent company to predominantly fund capital expenditure in its subsidiary, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Private Limited.

With the increasing stringent safety regulatins, the beverage industry is now accepting UV disinfection as a versatile treatment against micro-organisms and pollutants.

With the increasing stringent safety regulations, the beverage industry is now accepting UV disinfection as a versatile treatment technology against micro-organisms and pollutants.

Betting big on India's potential to emerge its top five Markets in the world, Cola giant Coca Cola on Monday committed to more

Residents of the Da-Dhora farming area in Dergaon will take out a protest rally tomorrow against the move to set up a calcinated coke industry, work of which has begun about a month ago.

Coca Cola India earned itself a drop of hard-earned joy this week for its corporate social responsibility initiatives in the form of the Golden Peacock award for CSR for 2008. But the award which cites its work in water management comes just a few weeks after it had received advice from The Energy Research Institute or TERI run by R K Pachauri to shut down its bottling plant in Kaladera, Nabipur and Mehdiganj in Rajasthan saying that these were bringing down ground water levels at an alarming scale.

Beverages company Coca-Cola today reported an 18 per cent growth in volumes in India for the December quarter. Coming on the back of a 21 per cent growth in the September quarter this consistent performance puts the company on track for strong growth in the country. In the first quarter of 2007 growth was just four per cent. That improved to 12 per cent in the second quarter. The company could manage only single-digit growth through 2006.

The Supreme Court on Monday upheld the Kerala High Court verdict quashing an order of a panchayat that canceled the licence of soft-drinks major Pepsi's plant at Kanjikode in Palakaad district. A Bench headed by Justice Arijit Passayat dismissed the appeal filed by the state government against the HC judgement, which held that the Puthussery panchayat had no jurisdiction under the Kerala Panchayat Raj Act in the matter of issuing, renewal or cancellation of license since the area had been excluded from the Act's purview.

The Supreme Court on Monday upheld a judgment of the Kerala High Court quashing the Pudussery grama panchayat's order cancelling the licence of Pepsico India Holdings Private Limited for running its factory at Kanjikode in Palakkad. The panchayat cancelled the licence in 2003 stating that there was scarcity of drinking water in the areas near the company due to over-exploitation of groundwater.

The first part of the paper briefly describes the geography and the socio-economic background of Plachimada. The second part analyses the legal and institutional framework applicable to the case. This part also examines how the government approached the case, which has already been presented before the Kerala High Court. The third part is an analysis of the case law.