...in the next century may not be very simple, say climate scientists

environmental experts in industrialised nations feel that it will be impossible to achieve an international target to cut greenhouse gas emissions to levels recorded in the early 1990s by

There is tremendous pressure now on the South to meet the greenhouse gas emissions reduction quota of the west

The upper layers of the atmosphere are getting cooler, and ironically, the greenhouse effect is being blamed. The Mesosphere, the atmospheric layer between 50 to 90 km of the atmosphere, has been

warming oceans are choking off marine life at an alarming pace and shrinking food supplies for people and other creatures dependent on the seas, according to a report by two environmental groups.

The decision of the Sheikh Hasina government in Bangladesh to cut hundreds of trees

As Russia signs the Kyoto protocol, positive action against global warming seems on the anvil

Landfill sites can assist in reducing greenhouse gas emissions

the Clinton administration is hoping to spend an extra us $4 billion in the year 2000 to combat the threat of global warming. The proposal, which will be included in the president's 2000

Australia is about to set up an emissions trading exchange