Gets clean air credits by undertaking energy projects in Kazakhstan

The new buzzword in the climate research circles is vulnerability and adaptation. Just like most of the climate discussion the words have become so dense, that their meaning is lost on most, except

Institutional investors press companies to disclose greenhouse gas emissions

Curbing global warming not such an expensive proposition

It is for the first time that the Bush administration has linked an increase in global warming to human activities in the us. The Climate Action Report 2002 of the us government says,

Kyoto Protocol gets a boost as Japan and eu ratify pact

California state senate okays emission standards for vehicles

New bill contains provision on making US industries liable to report their emissions

the government will soon open for trading the right to emit harmful greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (co2). The scheme is expected to be launched in 2005. The main reason for introducing a

West blames rising nitrous oxide levels for future depletion of northern mid latitude ozone