"We need high growth, but not at the cost of the environment or health. We have sufficient laws to ensure a cleaner industrial development. But do the entrusted agencies do their jobs? Industry says

women in India are an unhealthy lot. According to a recent World Bank report, Improving Women's Health in India , the female population of India is left behind when it comes to health care

A one stop shopping facility at the World Bank for private corporations to meet their project financing and insurance needs in developing countries is worrying green crusaders

'Species 2000' is the latest UN/World Bank venture to take an integrated look at the world's biodiversity. The current tally puts the total number of plants, animals, fungi and

NATURE which inspires keen sentiments in many a poet and environmental activist, is now the subject of an annual report of the World Bank (WB) group. Reading the tedious report, one gets the

THE World Bank's (wB) staff have recently prepared a report -Mainstreaming the environment -docu- menting the progress made by the Bank in its effort to emerge as an active partner in implementing

Everyday, some 40,000 people die from hunger-related causes. In the 47 'least developed' countries, 10 per cent of the world's population subsists on less than 0.5 per cent of world's income.

Bangladesh wom retain a sluggish annual gross domes product (GDP) rate below five per a unless it improves its pace of refom warns the World Bank (WB). A rece study conducted by WH

World Bank, which has for years been accused of being anti-environment be green groups across the planet, Ift now come up with a report to See its green credentials. The Bank provided us $10

THE World Bank (WR) has admitted that its assessment of the Sardar Sarovar Project did not adhere to many of its own guidelines. In an internal memo prepared by the Operations Evaluations