Emerges best feeder rail network for City

The Light Rail Transit (LRT) system is likely to be preferred over to Monorail for the City. Capita Symonds - the UK-based consultancy firm for property and infrastructure solutions to which the State government has assigned the job of suggesting the best feeder rail network for the City - considers LRT more advantageous than Monorail.

Infrastructure 2011: A Strategic Priority assesses the state of infrastructure in the United States and around the world, examines what the next few years are likely to hold, and provides recommendations for moving forward on the infrastructure investments and strategies that are needed for regions and countries to continue to prosper and grow.

KOLKATA, 1 DEC: A year and a half after the chief minister, Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, unveiled the foundation stone for the light rail transit system (LRTS) at a five-star hotel in the city with much fan fare, the project was given a quiet burial today when the joint venture company formed to execute it agreed to give its no-objection to the Metro Railway's project connecting Joka with Esplanade

To inform ongoing discussions at the U.S. federal, state, and local levels regarding public investments in rail and urban transit, the Worldwatch Institute analyzed global rail industry trends and profiled four countries—Germany, Spain, Japan, and China—that have made major commitments to public transportation and that offer important lessons for the United States.

There is growing interest in using rail transit

The office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) has written to the Delhi government questioning the functioning of the Delhi Integrated Multimodal Transit Service (DIMTS) and its role in the government

Proposal Stuck At Feasibility Stage, Focus On 2010 Projects
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MUMBAI: Near Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur, engineers with SCOMI-the monorail manufacturing company that is involved in the Mumbai project-are researching and working on advanced third-generation coaches and engines. The green technology promises to increase the carrying and speeding capacity of monorail cars and will also allow longer trains to manoeuvre steep bends.

This World Bank publication focuses on establishing effective Light rail metro transit (LRMT) systems using Public Private Participation. Presents options and discusses practical issues related to preparing and implementing new LRMT PPP schemes. See Also: Report: Advanced network planning for bus rapid transit - the 'quickway' model as a modal alternative to "light rail lite".

This study evaluates rail transit benefits based on a comprehensive analysis of transportation system performance in major U.S. cities.