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It's time to put tetrapaks to good use: recycle them into boards

Kashmiri youth reach out to people in the midst of war and loss with their environmental awareness campaign

a delay in setting into motion a solid waste management project has led to the piling up of 16,000 metric tonnes of untreated garbage in Shimla. Residents have raised a stink, complaining

Segregate your waste or pay up.

On World Environment Day, the Gas Authority of India Limited GAIL put out an advertisement propagating plastic as the alternative to the felling of trees. Is this a genuine concern or a red herring to confuse public opinion? Is there any truth in allega

There are fears that Britain could become a stockpile of used tyres with a change in the European Union (eu) directive prohibiting tyres to be dumped in landfills. Around 50 million tyres a year are

Four billion tones is the amount of waste produced by the OECD countries (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) in the 1990s. Rising incomes and economic growth favoring consumption

could well become a myth by 2007. More than half of the world' s population by then would be urban dwelling. The urban ecological footprint would fall over larger proportions of common resources says the 'Global Environment Outlook Three' report of the Un

In order to deal with the growing waste, the Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad (mch) has passed a resolution to impose a garbage tax on 2,000 waste-generating city institutions. These include

Solar power is getting a major boost in Bhutan. More schools, health units and monasteries in remote areas will get solar energy now. The officials of the department of power in Bhutan have