Pfizer Inc.'s impotence drug, Viagra, will be available in some European Union countries within seven to ten days, despite absence of government reimbursement agreements, the company said after the

Robert L. Saxe the president of Research Frontiers Inc. believes he is closing on his life-long quest: to develop a "smart" glass. Mr. Saxe and Research Frontiers 10 other employees are trying to

Feeding carnivores live quarry is a growing attraction in China, where sightseers can watch aligators chomp chicks, lions mangle goats or big snakes swallow rats. But none of the entertainment is as

The U.S. Justice Department unveiled a surprising cast of computer industry executives to testify against Microsoft Corp., underscoring a broadening of its landmark antitrust case against the

Asian officials meeting in Manila to develop a detailed fire-fighting plan for Southeast Asia said that higher-than-average rainfall over the past two months has prevented a repeat of last year's

The Journal of the American Medical Association recently reported that 90% of those suffering severe pain from cancer or other diseases could be helped with drugs that have been available for at

Motorola Inc. is expected to announce that it and two suppliers have developed a new way to test chips that could shave 15% off manufacturing costs. The company said the new method, known as

Southeast Asian nations appealed to the international community to quickly release millions of dollars in stalled financial aid for fighting fires of the kind that recently spread a haze across the