Six weeks after the the Ganges and other rivers flowing into Bangladesh burst their banks, the government is grappling with a disaster whose size it failed to acknowledge until the homes, livestock

It is possible that traffic congestion will keep on getting worse so that road rage, missed appointments and late deliveries become the norm. But there is an equally plausible alternative scenario.

A winter storm knocks down 1,400 power pylons, 3,000 kilometres of transmission lines and leaves more than 3m people shivering in the dark, some for as long as a month. A humbling experience one

Cubans have been suffering from a severe drought. The hardest hit have been the eastern provinces, already Cuba's poorest, which have received barely half the normal rainfall expected between April

Hemp is grown freely in much of the world. In March, Canada legalised its commercial planting after a 60 year ban: and the EU subsidises its production. But, not surprisingly, the plant is causing a

Anaruj Shankar and his colleague from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland have found that feeding zinc or vitamin A to children seems to raise their immunity to malaria. In a 13 month

Like the multinational companies it frequently clashes with, Greenpeace, the noisiest of all environmental campaign groups, has a constant struggle to stimulate demand for its products. Like those