After a summer of seemingly uninterrupted rain, Finnish farmers have enjoyed a week of dry weather to survey the extent of damage to their crops.Farming has never been easy in Finland, a third of

Pepper, which claims nearly about 28 per cent of the total earnings from spices exports, is likely to be the first food crop whose variety is sought to be developed with the latest technology. The

Refapentine, the first new anti-TB drug on the global healtcare horizon after 30 years, was recently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for pulmonary tuberculosis.

In a bid to maximise sugarcane production in Uttar Pradesh, the state government has formulated a policy of replacing outdated varieties with high yielding varieties (HYV) and providing timely

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) will provide $1.35 million in two phases for improving pollution control facilities in the steel industry, according to sources in the steel & mines

Diospyros melanoxylon or kendu leaves, mainly used in bidi making, are again making news, particularly in Orissa. The state government, having realised its incompetence to handle both the commodity-

Scientists : Dissension over the cause for symptoms of dropsy in consumers of mustard oil in Delhi has started surfacing, with a senior scientist in Calcutta stating last weekend that argemone

Scientists have used combination of distillery wastes and microrganisms to make a low-cost method of producing biodegradable plastics. The simple technology which is awaiting transfer to industries

Warning that 25,000 species could die out before the new millennium, Greenpeace renewed its call on Thursday to protect ancient forests and depleted fish stocks and switch to cleaner energy. The

Even through PPAs were signed by the Rajasthan State Electricity Board with as many as 12 indepandent power produvers (IPPs) for developing projects in the state, many of them may not see the