The air pollution in cold wave is proving to be dangerous for patients with breathing and heart diseases in Delhi hospitals. Number of patients suffering from respiratory and heart diseases is

Environmentalists are seriously concerned with the ways of catching fishes. They say that there is no international standard set for catching fishes, due to which fishes are decreasing in number in

To keep Yamuna pollution free, crores have been spent but still now water is so polluted that not only fishes but other species cannot survive. Yamuna's water only in past some decades has found to

Central Urban Development Minister Anant Kumar said that in the next one and half years in Delhi around 56 parks will be developed. He further said that in the past one year around 64 parks have been

To get rid of mosquitoes usage of neem oil is most profitable, it does not effect human health, comparative to other mosquito repellents. This information was given by Central Malaria Control Board's

Jammu & Kashmir's North East region felt two tremors of Earthquake on Saturday morning. Andaman's many parts also it was felt. No loss of any kind has been reported. Srinagar Metrological

The disposal of bio medical waste is the issue between the Delhi government and the nursing homes. The reason is that the most of the unregistered nursing homes are throwing away the medical waste in

In the district only one per cent area is covered by trees, where as it should be 7 percent according to Sanjeev Mittal during an afforestation function in Police Lines, Ghaziabad. Here tree

During the investigation on mosquito breeding in New Delhi, 784 persons were issued notices and against 1697 persons cases were filed. Giving this information Delhi's Health and Urban Development

A study conducted by Central Groundwater Board (Lucknow) has warned of disastrous consequences of the polluted Kali river. The river reaches Kannauj after passing through Barwas village in Saharanpur