The Tamil Nadu Bill to ban plastics has the mandate of various Non-governmental Organisations(NGOs), who at the same time are perturbed over the present consumer pattern to use disposable plastics

A Green Brigade, formed exclusively for monitoring and preventing environment related crimes, became operational in Chennai today. The squad, formed with assistance from the Tamil Nadu Pollution

Marina will soon be clean. The Green Brigade formed under Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board, will be made the monitoring and regulatory body for the 'Beach Beautification Programme', both at the

Many farmers in the Erode district have appealed to the Tamil Nadu government to release water from the Bhavanisagar dam as special wetting to save over 1 crore coconut trees in the district without

Nenmeli seems like just another village. Little would you guess that just a few years ago, it was a barren wasteland. The villagers of Nenmeli attribute the change to the persistent efforts of the

Two persons including a girl, died of gastro-enteritis, allegedly due to water toxicity, near Uppiliapuram, Tamil Nadu on

The traditional crop varieties grown by the tribals of Anamalai were becoming extinct in the plains, Wildlife Warden of Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary in Pollachi V Ganesan said in Coimbatore

Chennai is a city fighting to breathe. Two big reasons for that: rising levels of air pollution and dwindling tree cover. The Town and country Planning Act stipulates that at least 10-20 per cent of

Health planners are now gearing up to prevent diseases that occur during the rains. And this time, they have decided to focus on malaria prevention in

Each household or community should take up waste management systematically and the action plan for solid waste management must be drawn up by involving the local people, said V Ganesan, Joint Chief