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Liberia’s Principal Investigator of the Ebola Natural History Study, Dr.

Teens may change the world. A 16-year-old developed a simple way to detect the deadly Ebola virus, winning her the Google Science Fair.

Another woman has tested positive for Ebola in a village in northern Sierra Leone already under quarantine after the death of a 67-year-old woman a week ago, President Ernest Bai Koroma said on Sun

Monrovia — The worst impacts of the Ebola crisis were felt by the poor, who experienced loss of income, difficulty accessing medical services and traumatic feelings of fear, says a report by Intern

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone — Health officials in Sierra Leone on Sunday confirmed an Ebola death less than a week after the country’s last known patient was discharged from a hospital.

It turns out that the Ebola virus may actually be able to survive in wastewater.

For the first time, UK physicians have demonstrated that antiviral-based therapies have the potential to protect humans from the deadly Ebola virus.

Although a few international health-care workers who have assisted in the current Ebola outbreak in west Africa have been medically evacuated for treatment of Ebola virus disease, more commonly they were evacuated after potential accidental exposure to Ebola virus. An urgent need exists for a consensus about the risk assessment of Ebola virus transmission after accidental exposure, and to investigate the use of post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP). Experimental vaccines have occasionally been used for Ebola PEP, but newly developed experimental antiviral agents have potential advantages.

Sierra Leone has released its last known Ebola patient, according to the World Health Organization.

DAKAR – Lingering health problems afflicting many of the roughly 13,000 Ebola survivors have galvanized global and local health officials to find out how widespread the ailments are, and how to rem