Hyderabad's L.V . Prasad Eye Institute has been selected as one of the two research institutes in India to carry out controversial stem cell research to treat blindness and certain types of brain

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu instructed Ministers and officials to further gear up drought relief operations in every village. Reviewing the drought relief measures in the State, Naidu suggested

A sudden collapse in the Southern regional power grid brought life to a standstill in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka on Tuesday. All the trains in the state came to a halt. Preliminary investigations

After polluting Nakkavaagu and turning huge tracts of agricultural lands barren besides making people residing along the rivlet "impotent" and "sick", industrialists of Pattancheru (Andhra Pradesh)

The Andhra Pradesh government has reportedly directed the district administration of Shivvampet to close down the pollution-causing Gland Chemicals factory in Donti

At a workshop - Participatory planning for service delivery for the poor in Hyderabad' held on Tuesday, the officials of MCH and Water Board were trying to push forward their ideas to the

The Andhra Pradesh High Court has ordered the Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board to ensure that fly ash, generated by the thermal power plants in the State, is brought into full play in the

Asia's largest 400 kv sub-station in coming up at Visakhapatnam at an estimated cost of Rs 70 crore and will be ready for commissioning by December

Alarmed by serious power crisis gripping the Andhra Pradesh, APTransco has appealed to consumers to avoid wasteful use of electricity. APTransco said the power situation in the State would turn

Doninmukkala a village in Guntakal mandal (Andhra Pradesh) is a place where people grow old at a very tender age. The village is known for its high flouride content in drinking water. Orthopaedic