The Andhra Pradesh Coalition in Defence of Diversity, a coalition of over 100 environmental groups, has expressed anguish over the reported move of the State Government to carry out aerial spraying

The Telugu Desam government is involved in yet another major cover up operation, this time for the failure of the administration to heed early warnings against the spread of dreaded Bud Necrosis in

Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu said that efforts to control the virus that had affected groundnut crop were launched on a war

Director of the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology K V Raghavan has said the chemical and pharmaceutical industries are not taking adequate steps to prevent pollution of the environment while

The investigation into the killing of Sakhi at the Nehru Zoological Park received received a major setback reportedly due to wiping out of evidence - a result of delay in officials informing the

Gastro-enteritis, for the second year in row, is playing havoc in Andhra Pradesh with the disease claiming 36 lives since January and affecting 5,000 others.

The earth moved in Asia on Tuesday as powerful aftershocks rocked the west coast of Indonesia's Sumatra Island, and a series of earthquakes jolted China, Myanmar, Arunachal Pradesh, Japan, and so far