Most of the cotton farmers in the district are dejected as their crops were completely destroyed by "green worm" pest. Crest-fallen, the farmers say that they feel like committing suicide on seeing

The limestone quarrying undertaken by the local cement factories has been posing a grave threat to the environment in Miryalguda area (Andhra Pradesh). Indiscriminate quarrying in the forest areas

Celera Genomics said on Thursday that it had sequenced a third of the mouse genome, more than a billion "base pairs" of the compounds that link up to make DNA. The company is racing to be the

The Andhra Pradesh Dairy development corporation and Jersey, a private dairy agency will introduce mobile milk testing laboratories. In an effort to encourage the purchase of quality milk, the APDDC

-+The heavy rains and floods in Andhra Pradesh may cause earthquakes, professor and head of the department of Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, Ramesh P Singh said. With the heavy rainfall and

The Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board will initiate action against Watsol Organics Limited of Mittapally village of Siddipet mandal in Medak district for polluting Rajagopalpet

The appalling attitude of Andhra Pradesh government in not withdrawing the free and useless pesticide being supplied by it to the virus-hit groundnut farmers of this district of Anantapur assumed

A chemical analysis of three brands of ice cream, including Ben & Jerry's, reveals that they contain dioxins in levels that are approximately 2,200 times greater than what is allowed in wastewater

Industrial effluents from Watsal Organic Chemical factory has polluted the Rajagopalpet lake (Nangunar,Andhra Pradesh) in mandal to such an extent that cattle around the region are dying after

The virus which is ravaging the groundnut crops in Anantpur and Khammam districts of Andhra Pradesh, coupled with the state's ineffiency to check it, took its toll with two farmers of Anantpur