Scientists in Europe say they have isolated a chemical compound that is responsible for creating nicotine addiction among smokers. "For the first time, one particular molecule has been shown to be

The crew of the Russian Mir space station rested today to prepare for a six-hour spacewalk to inspect a module which has been losing

It is a problem of "large-heartedness" that leads to premature death - a mysterious disase that has been stalking children in Kerala. Now scientists believe the clue to the disease lies in the

If the Municipal Corporation of Delhi acts on its promises, the city would be a brighter and cleaner place this year. Listing out its targets, Delhi Mayor Shakuntala Arya said that to keep the city

Despite the relief measures announced by the State Government, the number of cotton farmers who have committed suicide over the large-scale destruction of crops in a pest attack, continues to

The Indian silkworm which has traditionally produced rich skills can now be manipulated to produce a vaccine for hepatitis B. Researchers at the Indian Institute of Science (IISC) in Bangalore have

The Central Government's proposal to constitute an authority for monitoring pollution in Delhi seems to have made no headway. Two of the three members of the authority say they haven't yet been

As health workers here clean up the last, decaying remains of 1.4 million chickens slaughtered to halt the spread of a new flu strain, a troubling question remains: Has the feared virus infected

The Madhya Pradesh Government has suspended 40 officers and other employees in connection with illegal felling of trees in Bastar district, in accordance with a Supreme Court

Even after the much condemned hunting in December and the assurance given by Union Minister Saifuddin Soz, the Jammu & Kashmir Government has chosen not to incorporate a blanket ban on hunting in the