The Delhi Jal Board put the blame on encroachers for contamination in the water distribution lines to Delhi Development Authority colonies. In an affidavit submitted before the Delhi High Court, the

After months of preparation and more than a week of haggling, 10 words stood in the way of global agreement on slashing poverty and mending the planet as the Earth Summit went into its penultimate

Kerala has been declared the world's first "baby-friendly state" by the World Health Organisation and the United Nations International Children's Fund. The distinction has been conferred on the

It is typical of the style of functioning of the Indian bureaucracy that while the kisan is reeling under the effects of a failed monsoon, the officials are busy quibbling whether it has caused

It has been the direst monsoon in the "queen of hills" in the past 30 years. the rainfall data available at the Mashobra research station of the Dr. Y.S. Parmar University of Horticulture and

The sound of international disputes over Zimbabwe and Iraq intruded on the Earth Summit, drowning out calls from children for the leaders of the world to bury their differences for the sake of their

The Haryana state government has decided to conduct Pulse Polio drive in four phases after the state was declared high risk area by WHO after cases of polio were detected. however, the drive will be

The moderate to heavy rainfall in this(Chandigarh) part of the country in the past 72 hours has not only helped in improving vastly the water level in Gobind Sagar and other important reservoirs but

An area of 12,406 acres, out of the total cultivable area of 1,03,124 acres, has been found to be drought hit in the Panipat district following a survey by the district administration. According to

The Punjab Government will provide financial help to small and marginal farmers who have been badly hit by the delay in rains and shortage of electricity. Since the state cannot be declared drought