The oil industry could have gone crackers

Advocate Kamini Jaiswal has filed a public interest petition in the Supreme Court beseaching it to order the closure of underground gas pipelines till safety measures against leakages are ensured.

The blowout at its rig in Andhra Pradesh has put the Oil and Natural Gas Commission in a technological fix, apart from raising the question of whether safety measures at the other exploration sites are adequate

MURPHY'S oft-proven first law -- "If something can go wrong, it will" -- is something which appears to have been given the go-by, on their fast-forward to striking paydirt, by the decisionmakers at

The inferno at the Oil and Natural Gas Commission's rig in Andhra Pradesh leaves India bawling for help

A major gas pipeline project in Gujarat is almost on the verge of getting derailed due to opposition from Jamnagar Congress MP Vikram Madaan. The Mangala Development Pipeline project is the longest continuously heated and insulated pipeline in the world.

Work on 590 kms of pipeline has been completed from Barmer to Salaya in Gujarat.

ONGC has announced a significant gas discovery in Tripura, which is part of the Assam-Arakan Basin. The success of this well gives impetus to exploration of more such areas on the flanks of major structures in Tripura fold belt, the company stated after a board meeting. The discovery has been notified to the director general of hydrocarbons (DGH). Meanwhile, ONGC has informed that D.

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) has said that Cairn never disputed cost recovery of royalty on crude oil production from the Barmer field before August 16, 2010, when Vedanta Resources announced buying of a majority stake in Cairn India.

A senior ONGC executive told Business Standard that his company was willing to pay 100 per cent royalty on the Barmer production but wanted it to be adj

A group of scientists and technical experts is working overnight on the country

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), the country