Ahmedabad: Gujarat is likely to reject outright the proposal of Union minister for forest and environment Jairam Ramesh

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New Delhi/Ahmedabad: The Centre has offered to re-introduce tigers in the forest of Dangs as an incentive to Gujarat to part with some Asiatic lions for Madhya Pradesh. Gujarat has been opposing the proposal to give lions to MP and the battle is at its peak in the Supreme Court.

NEW DELHI: Swap your lions for some tigers. That

Politics has no place when it comes to protecting lions. This seems to be the message conveyed by the Gujarat Government to the Supreme Court when it made it clear that there was no going back from its well-known stand opposing relocation of lions from Gir sanctuary to Kuno Palpur forest reserve in Madhya Pradesh.

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NEW DELHI: The Gujarat government on Thursday opposed in the Supreme Court the National Board for Wildlife

Former PCCF Says Kuno Palpur Sanctuary Can House Zoo-Bred Lions

Ahmedabad: The government of Gujarat was not consulted by the Centre when the latter planned a project to translocate Asiatic lions from Gir forest to Kuno Palpur in Madhya Pradesh, says a former forest official.

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Ahmedabad: Gujarat appears to have already handed over the Asiatic lions to assertive neighbour Madhya Pradesh (MP) on a platter. This time when the petition came up for hearing in the supreme court, the Gujarat government had made up its mind to seek four weeks

Himanshu Kaushik | TNN

Ahmedabad: With the Supreme court slated to hear on January 12, the issue of allocation of Asiatic lions from Gujarat to Kuno Palpur in Madhya Pradesh, the neighbouring state

Despite Gujarat being in no mood to allow shifting of any of its Asiatic lions, the Madhya Pradesh government has spent over Rs. 14.53 crore to relocate 1,543 families in the Kuno Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary being prepared as an alternative habitat for the king of the jungle.