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Despite latest techniques, cases of tuberculosis (TB) in the district are on the rise.

From April, their bank accounts will receive payments at the rate of Rs. 500 per month in three instalments during treatment

In their search for new drugs against tuberculosis which is increasingly becoming resistant to presently available drugs, researchers are exploring all options.

MUMBAI: About 3,600 patients with TB died in Mumbai in the last three years, said state health minister Deepak Sawant in the legislative assembly on Wednesday.

Luanda - At least USD 44 million is the amount made available by the Global Fund to finance actions to control malaria, HIV / AIDS and tuberculosis in the country, said Monday in Luanda, its coordi

Health Secretary lauds the efforts of REACH and urges pharmacists to create awareness

CHENNAI: Doctors, who encounter a tuberculosis patient, can soon notify the government in a minute using the Nikshay app that will be launched in the coming weeks, said Dr Darez Ahamed, mission dir

Researchers have found that an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system can reduce the spread of tuberculosis in India by helping public health programmes better locate, and treat, people living with in

4.2 lakh Indians die of the disease every year

The research is being considered as a significant leap in controlling tuberculosis (TB), which kills around 4.8 lakh Indians every year and more than 1,400 every day.