The Velachery Lake is in for a major facelift. Preliminary work began recently on removing the thick layers of water hyacinth that cover the eastern part of the lake. Soon, a proposal to build a walkers’ path around the lake’s perimeter could take off. This is part of the larger development proposal for the lake, which includes parks and boating services.

Officials of the Water Resources Department of the PWD are currently preparing wide development proposals for the Velachery Lake. This is expected to be completed in a week’s time, after which officials and elected representatives are expected to decide on the final road map.

Proposal for landscaping and walkers' pathway in the pipeline, says M.P.

A team of officials from the Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board and other government departments, including the Chennai Corporation made an inspection of the sprawling Velachery Lake, among the last surviving water bodies in the city on Sunday morning in an attempt to protect and preserve the water body.