Action taken report regarding encroachment of ponds in village Gajara, Kushinagar district, Uttar Pradesh, 11/04/2023

Action taken report in compliance of the National Green Tribunal order dated January 24, 2023 (OA No 697/2022 Ram Keval Vs State of Uttar Pradesh).

The matter related to illegal encroachment on ponds by construction of residential houses and dumping of garbage and other waste in the ponds of village Gajara, tehsil Captanganj, district Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh.

In compliance with the NGT order, a joint inspection committee visited large ponds of village Gajara. At the time of field visit, 3 ponds were found filled with garbage and other materials. The Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board directed the village development officer and Gram Pradhan of village Gajara for cleaning the 3 ponds.

The UPPCB was informed that the ponds have been cleaned. In addition to the 3 large ponds, the NGT order also mentioned 5 small ponds. However, as the Khasra no of the 5 small ponds has not been mentioned in the order, the process of identification of the ponds is becoming difficult. The joint inspection committee directed the village development officer and the Gram Pradhan to identify the 5 small ponds at the earliest and make them free from pollution and encroachment.