Compliance affidavit by Forest Department (South) regarding dumping of garbage in forest area near Chattarpur Enclave, Delhi, 07/06/2023

Compliance affidavit on behalf of Forest Department (South) in the matter of Naveen Dagar Vs Govt of NCT of Delhi, June 7, 2023.

The complaint said that garbage collectors collect garbage from a society of Chattarpur Enclave, take it to a forest area near the said society and set the garbage on fire causing air pollution and damaging the environment.

The NGT, January 10, 2023 directed the Delhi Pollution Control Committee, District Forest Officer and District Magistrate, South Delhi to look into the matter and take appropriate remedial and preventive measures.

The staff of the Department of Forest and Wildlife went to the site and inspected the area and found garbage on the ground. The garbage was cleaned and to protect the area from further dumping, the frequency of patrolling will be increased to prevent such incidence in future.