CPCB report on gold assaying and hallmarking centres, 04/11/2020

Consolidated report by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) in compliance with the National Green Tribunal order of November 18, 2019 in the matter of Original Application No. 568/2019 (James Jose, Managing Director, CGR Hallmarkers Pvt. Ltd. Vs Government of India & Others).

An application filed before the NGT said that there was a need for a regulatory regime to check acidic activities in the testing of gold.

The NGT, November 18, 2019 had directed the CPCB to update the existing guidelines on 'gold assaying and hallmarking centres', so that environmental norms are met. The updated guidelines were then to be notified to all the SPCBs/PCCs within one month and compliance has to be duly monitored thereafter.

In response, the CPCB formulated the 'Guidelines for Gold Assaying Hallmarking Centres' in consultation with a constituted expert group of representatives of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and CPCB, Delhi. The guidelines were also consulted with Indian Association of Hallmarking Centres. The guidelines were then uploaded to the CPCB website and circulated to all the state pollution control board (SPCB)/ pollution control committees (PCC) for their implementation.

The CPCB report of November 4, 2020 informed the NGT that compliance status report of implementation of 'Gold Assaying Hallmarking Centres' was received from 22 SPCBs/PCCs. Guidelines have been uploaded by the SPCBs/PCCs on their websites. Mizoram SPCB has said that they have uploaded the environmental guidelines on their website, even though there are no gold assaying and hallmarking centres in the state. Chandigarh PCC has not uploaded the guidelines on their website, but it is intimated that all the gold assaying and hallmarking centres in the union territory have been directed to apply for the consents. Puducherry SPCB has issued directions to two gold assaying and hallmarking centres operating without consent.