Event Start Date: 
Friday, April 19, 2013 (All day)
Event End Date: 
Monday, April 22, 2013 (All day)

Microhydels, in which water from a river tributary or water springs is diverted into a channel and is brought down through a pressure pipe to run a generator for producing electricity, are set up in the off-grid mountaineous areas. Electricity generation of microhydels is generally in the range of 5 kW to 100 kW, which not only brings light into people’s lives in the locality, but also gives energy and water security to population, makes people economically more stable, reduces the physical workload for women, enables the mechanisation of rural industries and lessens environmental damage from cutting wood for fuel and heat or harming aquatic fauna and flora. Moreover, no waste byproducts are produced unlike the energy generation based on fossil sources.

For the capacity building in various aspects of microhydels, the Centre for Science and Technology of the Non-aligned and Other Developing Countries (NAM S&T Centre) and Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) announce the organisation of an international workshop on ‘ The Role of Micro-hydel for Developing Countries ’ in Nepal during 19-22 April 2013. The workshop will deliberate on the potential and benefits of micro- and minihydels; microhydel turbines and their head range; site selection, microhydel installation, commissioning and maintenance; integrated approaches with other forms of non-conventional sources of energy; ecological implications; energy-societal-employment correlations; policy and planning issues; training, etc. This scientific programme is intended to benefit senior managers of government departments and ministries, managers of NGOs, scientists and scientific managers in private sector organisations with relevant background and active involvement in the design and utilisation of microhydels.

Request for participation in this international workshop on Microhydels may please be sent to the NAM S&T Centre ( E-mail: namstcentre@gmail.com ) by completing the Nomination Form, a copy of which is included in the attached Announcement (also available on the Centre’s website www.namstct.org ) . The Nepalese applicants may please send their requests for participation only to NAST.

The following may please be noted:

(a) The last date for submission of the Nomination Form to the NAM S&T Centre is Monday, 18 th March 2013 .

(b) The selection of the applicants for attending the Workshop will be notified only after the date of receiving the application [18 th March] is over.

(c) It is mandatory for each selected participant to present a country status report on Microhydels and/or a research/scientific paper on a related topic. Therefore an extended abstract (1-2 pages), in MSWord format ( not in .pdf or Image File ) , of the paper proposed to be presented during the event must be attached with the Nomination Form.

(d) The selection will be strictly based on the merit of the abstract submitted, applicant’s academic background and professional experience and interest of his/her parent organisation in the subject area.

(e) Each selected participant must submit the final manuscript of his/her paper ( in MS Word only ( .pdf format / power point / image file is not acceptable ) at least a fortnight before the commencement of the Training Programme, i.e. by 12 th April 2013, which is a pre-condition for participation in the event. Non-receipt of manuscript on time will disqualify the selected nominee.

(f) NAST Nepal will provide free local hospitality, including accommodation and meals to all foreign participants and invited resource persons from 18 th April (Noon) to 23 rd April 2013 (Noon), i.e. commencing from one day before the workshop and for an additional day after its conclusion. The participants will have to make their own arrangement of stay beyond these days and therefore they should arrange their flight schedules accordingly.

Transport will also be provided to the participants free of any cost for their travel from/to the airport to/from the place of their stay and for visits in connection with the workshop.

(g) For applications received from member countries of the NAM S&T Centre, which are regularly paying their annual subscription: The NAM S&T Centre will provide to and fro international airfare to/from Kathmandu, Nepal by Excursion Class by Shortest Route to only one official nominee of each country, provided the application is routed through the Focal Point of the NAM S&T Centre in the applicant’s country.

In this connection, the Focal Points may please note that the NAM S&T Centre will consider only one official nomination from a member country for full financial support by the Centre, subject to the availability of seats and the applicant fulfilling all the above stated criteria. Any additional nominations from the Focal Points may also be considered subject to the availability of seats, but such applicants would have to arrange for their own international fare and would also be required to make payment of a Processing Fee of US$350 to the Centre in advance.

(h) For applications received from the member countries of the NAM S&T Centre defaulting on the payment of their annual dues: Selected nominees of the Focal Points from those of the member countries that are overdue on the payment of their annual subscription and any other selected applicants will make their own arrangement for international travel and will also be required to make payment of a Processing Fee of US$350 to the Centre in advance.

(i) For nominations received from the S&T-Industry Network Members of the NAM S&T Centre: The NAM S&T – Industry Network entitles each Network member, which has no outstanding dues against its membership subscription, to get invitation for one or two nominees each year, depending upon the status of its membership, with full finances paid by the Centre for participation in appropriate activities organized by the Centre. Accordingly, if a Network member has not yet fully availed of this privilege and desires to make a nomination for attending this workshop, the NAM S&T Centre will provide to and fro international airfare to Kathmandu, Nepal by Excursion Class by Shortest Route to such official nominee of the Network member, if selected.

Any additional nominee(s) of the paying S&T-Industry Network Members, as well as the nominees of those Network Members, which are overdue on the payment of their annual network membership subscription, if selected, will make their own arrangement for international travel and will also be required to make payment of a Processing Fee of US$350 to the Centre in advance.

(j) For applicants from the non-member countries and any other applicants in their individual capacity: They may send the completed Nomination Form directly to the NAM S&T Centre. They will be required to pay a Processing Fee of US$350 to the NAM S&T Centre immediately after selection and will also make their own arrangement for international travel.

(k) Other details are available in the attached Announcement.

(l) Information on the member countries and S&T-Industry Network members of the NAM S&T Centre and names/addresses of the Focal Points may be seen on the Centre’s website www.namstct.org .

(m) English will be the official language of the Workshop

As far as possible, all correspondence may please be made by email . All documents may be prepared in MS Word Format or electronically scanned and sent as attachments to the email. Kindly avoid sending us fax messages or hard copies to save paper and energy.

This is a general circular and you are requested to kindly forward this announcement to the concerned individual scientists and experts as well as Ministries/Departments, S&T organisations, universities and academic institutions and related agencies in your country. We solicit your kind cooperation.


Arun P. Kulshreshtha

Director, NAM S&T Centre