Joint Committee report to the NGT on illegal sand mining on the banks of Dakhner river, Gaya, Bihar, 13/01/2022

Report on behalf of the committee constituted by the National Green Tribunal vide its order, 08/11/2021 in the matter of Rohit Kumar Vs State of Bihar & Others.

The matter related to illegal sand mining on the bank of Dakhner river near Paraiya (Gaya), Rafiganj Road, Gaya Bihar, which is adversely affecting the environment.

The joint committee inspected sites along the river Morhar near Dakhner, Paraiya, Rafiganj Road, district Gaya, Bihar and carried out inspections at random spots to verify illegal sand mining.

On inspection, one tractor loaded with sand mined illegally was found near the village Manjhar. Near the sun temple, Sadhuchak, a small sand heap was found which appeared to have been mined earlier. No sand was found at Lalganj, however, it appeared that sand was stocked at that point earlier, as remains of sand were observed. On interaction with local people, it was found that tractors carrying sand have not passed through Udabhigha road bridge for the last 5-6 months.

The NGT was informed that the district administration (from January 2021 - November 2021) conducted 1431 raids; 420 F.I.R were lodged; 124 persons were arrested; 1060 vehicles were seized and four crores thirty-four lakhs and eight thousand was realized as penalty from persons involved in illegal sand mining.