Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding import of cheap waste paper for firing brick kilns, 30/04/2019

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Amit Jain Vs Union of India dated 30/04/2019 regarding import of cheap waste paper and road sweep waste for firing of brick kilns. The applicant states that 900,000 tons of waste is imported which is hazardous.

The report submitted by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) acknowledge that import of plastic waste was required to be restricted as the hazardous waste generated in the country is to the extent of 26,000 tons a day and the same is not being properly managed.

The CPCB had also evolved guidelines for collection, segregation and disposal of plastic waste. The key technologies mentioned were utilization of plastic waste in road construction, co-processing of plastic waste in cement kilns, conversion of plastic waste into liquid RDF (Oil) or energy and disposal of plastic waste through Plasma Pyrolysis Technology (PPT).

The NGT after going through the case, directed the CPCB to take action for ensuring that its recommendation is fully implemented by all concerned in the matter of implementation of Plastic Waste Management Rules as well as restriction on import of plastic waste is implemented in such manner as may be directed by the CPCB.