Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding use of heavy motor vehicles on the green pastures of Gulmarg, Nagin valley among others, 05/07/2022

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Sajad Rasool Vs Union Territory of J&K dated 05/07/2022.

Grievance in the application by the applicant (Sajad Rasool) is against a group called ‘Kashmir Off Road’, an associate member of the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India, who are using heavy motor vehicles, cars on the green pastures of Nagin Valley, Gulmarg, Tosamaidan, Doodhpathri, Drung. It is submitted that movement of these sports cars in the pasture land is disturbing flora, fauna of the area and also causing noise and air pollution.

The NGT, February 2, 2022 sought a report from a joint Committee of Principal Chief Conservator of Forest (HoFF), State of Jammu and Kashmir, SPCB, Secretary Tourism-Kashmir, and the District Magistrate of concerned districts.

The report, May 31, 2022 said that there were no incidences of noise and air pollution reported in the green pastures of Drung, Doodhpathri, Gulmarg, Drung, Tosamaidan and Nagin Valley. No vehicular movement in the green pastures at Doodhpathri, Gulmarg, Drung and Nagin Valley, was observed by the committee during the site visit.

The Joint Committee in its report to the NGT recommended enforcement of strict regulation of tourism activities and there should be be no vehicular movement in green Pasture areas of Nagin Valley, Gulmarg, Tosamaidan, Doodhpatri and Drung. The green pastures of Gulmarg, Drung, Doodhpaptrui, Nagin Valley and Tosamaidan should not be allowed for movement of vehicles and steps be taken to ensure enforcement which may require additional manpower for implementation of any regulation mechanism, the report added.

The NGT, July 5, 2022 taking into consideration the report directed the Jammu and Kashmir Pollution Control Board,  Forest Department and Tourism Department, J&K to take appropriate action in the matter.