Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding violation of EC by Magic Info Solutions and Godrej Projects Development, Gurugram, Haryana, 03/07/2019

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Vijay Kumar Chugh Vs M/s. Magic Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. & Others dated 03/07/2019 regarding violation of conditions of Environmental Clearance by M/s Magic Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and Godrej Projects Development Pvt. Ltd, the project proponents in setting up of a housing project at Gurugram.

The NGT in November 20, 2018 had directed a Joint Committee to look into the alleged violations and submit a report. The report furnished showed that a show cause notice had been given on the subject of violation of Environmental Clearance conditions relating to domestic water supply, treatment of water by de-centralized treatment and reuse of the recycled water for flushing, gardening. The Committee was asked to consider "whether the sewage taken by tankers to the centralized facility could be verified from a document available with the project proponent, whether use of fresh water has been stopped for flushing and only recycled water was being used by recycled water. BOD content should be less than 10 mg/l which needs to be verified.”

The Tribunal was informed that documents for data of water supplied was not provided and assessment was done on the basis of sewage generation data submitted by the project proponent. NGT chastised the Joint Committee for not taking approprite action against the project proponent for its failure to submit the requisite documents and recover compensation for the damage to the environment and directed that a fresh report be filed before the next date of hearing.