Report by the Municipal Corporation, Singrauli on the encroachment of a water body, 28/08/2021

Report by the Municipal Corporation, Singrauli in the matter of (Suvidha Seva Sansthan Vs State of Madhya Pradesh & Others), 28/08/2021.

An application was filed before the NGT stating that the Municipal Corporation, Singrauli had destroyed the flora and fauna of water body situated in Majan Kala and Majan Khurd village by raising construction.

The report by the Municipal Corporation said that the allegation was baseless and that it was responsible for renovating the natural water body at Majan Kala by carrying out the work of deepening, constructing pathway and retaining wall.

The inhabitants of the nearby areas have started using the bank of the said pond as a burial place and many villagers have encroached upon the area by constructing houses. From time to time, the municipal corporation as well as the district administration have taken anti-encroachment drives against the encroachers.

In the year 2000, the Northern Coalfields Limited (NCL) under the indigenous people development program (IPDP) had taken an initiative with the help of the municipal corporation to renovate the said pond which had fallen to disuse. The entire pond area was encroached by the nearby people and by throwing garbage in the pond, the report by the Municipal Corporation, Singrauli, August 28, 2021 said.