Report on waste dumping at Shakti Khand, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, 13/08/2019

Site inspection report under the National Green Tribunal vide order dated May 28, 2019 in the matter of Confederation of Trans RWAs Ghaziabad Vs Uttar Pradesh State Pollution Control Board.

The matter relates to inaction of the Municipal Corporation, Ghaziabad in complying with the Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016 in not collecting garbage from Indirapuram, Vasundhara and Visalia which was being dumped at Shakti Khand. Waste was not being segregated and non-degradable waste was not being recycled. The groundwater quality near the dumpsite at Shakti Khand-4, Indirapuram was way above the permissible limit with respect to total dissolved solids and iron. Also mixed municipal solid waste (MSW) was being dumped at 30,000 sq. m. plot area and the height of the dumpside varied from 5 to 15 feet at different places.

The report also stated that the dumpside at Shakti Khand, Indirapuram was not a scientific landfill and if dumping of MSW continues, then leachate would percolate to groundwater and further contaminate groundwater. Further, as the dumpsite was located in a thickly populated area, further dumping of waste by Ghaziabad Development Authority has to be stopped immediately to curtail any further damage to the environment.

Note: Uploaded on March 2, 2020