State Monitoring Committee report on solid waste management in Tamil Nadu, 24/05/2021

Justice P. Jyothimani, Chairperson, State Monitoring Committee of the National Green Tribunal filed the second report on solid waste management implementation in Tamil Nadu relating to disposal of solid waste in Theetukkal village of Udagamandalam municipality and waste dumped at Kuruthukuly, Chalukkudi of Padanthurai village in Gudalur, Udagamandalam district.

The NGT in its order, November 26, 2018 directed the Monitoring Committee to constantly monitor the issues and expedite early mitigation of the problems and submit periodical reports. The issues are pertaining to the disposal of solid waste in Theetukal village by the Udagamandalam municipality. The dumping place in the village belongs to the forest department of the state.

After the inspection of Theetukkal dump yard at Udagamandalam and various places in Gudalur, the Monitoring Committee issued some directions, February 1, 2020. The Udagamandalam municipality shall ensure that either in Theetukkal or in any other place in the district under its control, the solid waste would not be subjected to open burning.

The Municipal Commissioner has confirmed that the solid waste dumped in Gudalur have been removed and the old bio medical waste have been completely removed and sent to the facility at Coimbatore for treatment in accordance with the Bio Medical Waste Management Rules, 2016. 

Note: The report of May 24, 2021 was uploaded to the NGT site, January 4, 2021