As the Congress and the UPA coalition endorsed creation of a separate Telangana state from out of Andhra Pradesh, Down To Earth looks at the big challenges before the new state which are similar to those faced by Jharkhand, Chhatisgarh and Uttarakhand when they were created a decade ago.

The mega irrigation project will irrigate coastal Andhra but submerge vast areas in Telengana
Author: M Suchitra
While requesting the Centre to initiate steps in accordance with the Constitution of India to form a separate state of Telangana, the Congress Working Committee (CWC), the policy making body of the Congress, has urged the Centre to declare Indira Sagar Polavaram Irrigation Project a national project. The Rs 16,010 crore Polavaram project on the Godavari river is expected to irrigate 721,000 acres (about 300,000 hectares) in East Godavari, West Godavari, Krishna and Visakhapatnam districts, all in coastal Andhra Pradesh, whereas vast areas of Telangana are likely to be submerged.
Why both Andhra and proposed Telangana state want the city as their state capital
Author: M Suchitra
The most difficult and sensitive part in the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh was deciding the status of Hyderabad, the capital city. The UPA coordination committee and the CWC, while endorsing the carving out of Telangana from Andhra Pradesh, decided that Hyderabad will be common capital to both Andhra and Telangana for 10 years. The city is located in the heart of Telangana. Naturally, Telanagana people were demanding that the city should be the capital of the new state. But most of the investments in Hyderabad were made by rich industrialists and business people from coastal Andhra.
Hyderabad, which contributes over 70 per cent of the total revenue of the state, to be common capital for 10 years
Author: M Suchitra
After being a part of Andhra Pradesh for more than half-a century and decades of struggle, Telangana is going to get separate statehood. Following meetings held on Tuesday, the United Progressive Alliance coordination committee and the Congress Working Committee have given their approval for carving out a new state from Andhra Pradesh. The modalities of separation will be decided in the coming days.
As the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance meets to decide on the demand for a separate state of Telangana, a look at some of the uphill tasks the new state will face
Author: M Suchitra, Kumar Sambhav Shrivastava
The Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) ruling at the Centre is expected to take a final call on the demand for a separate Telangana state at the meeting of its coordination committee on Tuesday. The meeting will be followed by a discussion in the Congress Working Committtee, the policy making body of the Congress, after which a formal declaration is expected.