Every geographical region has its name and fame. Mostly the qualities and characteristics of certain goods attributable to some geographical locations and reputable to “as produce of certain region” come under
Geographical Indications (GI). It is an emerging trend in Intellectual Property Rights. This review provides an overview of the past and current scenario of Geographical Indications in India with its challenges. It also
provides a list of important Geographical Indications in India registered till today. The geographical indication in relation to goods, means an indication which identifies or classify such goods as agricultural goods, natural
goods or manufactured goods as originating etc. It also considers territory of manufacture, a country, a region or specific locality. The quality, reputation or other characteristic of such goods is essentially attributable to its geographical origin. The established registry of Government of India has two characteristics; (i) protection of producers against counterfeiting and misleading commerce, and (ii) striking of balance between trademark
and GI protection. The GI Act reveals right of claimants to produce goods designated by the registered GI and can file an application for registration as an authorised user. Also, the relevancy of production and procession
of such goods is directly concerns the region or locality, as the case may be.