Hurry up

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh laid the foundation stones of National Hydroelectric Power Corpo-ration's (NHPC) 44 MW Chutak Hydroelectric Project and 45 MW Nimmo-Bazgo Hydroelectric Projects on June 11, 2005. Chutak Project is located on river Suru in Kargil district.

But there was one impediment. The public hearing (PH) for the project was scheduled for June 15, 2005, but through political lobbying it was done secretively on June 6, 2005, because the PM had to inaugurate the project on June 11. This move was also in contravention to the requirement of announcing a PH at least 30 days in advance.

However the river valley and hydroelectric expert committee of the MoEF hasn't approved the project and asked for another PH on August 30. Interestingly due to political mishandling the project neither finds a place in the list of pending projects nor amongst the cleared ones. This shows how political high-handedness can affect proper functioning of projects. NHPC is the proponent of Chutak project.