TYPE B: Patents related to new manufacturing processes

7.8.90 U5P 4946681/2.1.91
EP 0405701

W R Grace&Co, USA: METtlODTOPREP~AN J MP R OVED STOM G E"SJABLENEEM SEEDEXTRACTfo r the prod uc. tiollof stableazadirach till sol~tions cowp!ising extracts o(groundneeln seeds with a sovent avillg aza lrac till solubility; use: pesticide

19.3.91 U5P 5001146/2.1.91
EP 0405291

W R Grace & Co, USA: STOM GE -STAB LE~ZAD lRACHTIN F,oItMULAnONc on sisting of neem seed extracts which contain azadirachtin as the active pesticidal ingredient wherein the compositions are characterised by their non -deg!adingsolvent system; use: pesticide

5.5.92 U5P 5110591
PPG Industries,USA:NEEMQIL EMULSii'IER, conceritratedwater- in-oil neemoil emulsions containing a pesticidaily-effective amount of azadirachtinare described. These concentrateqelmulsions, upon dilution with water, form storage-stable oil-in.wateremulsions; use: pesticide

23.6.92 USP 5124349
WR Grace &CoiUSA: STORAGE-S TABLEAZADI RAt HT IN FO~Q~TION, storage-stable pe~ticidecom po si tio ns comprisirtgneem seed extracts wh!chcontain ii'l;!ldiracbtin as the ii ~ti ve pes ticide 1ngredie n t (:patentab~tract almost the safl1eas patent abstractho SOOil46) ; use: pesticide

1.10;92 PCT 9216109126.1.94 EP

Trifolio.:~GMIJH, Germany: PROCE,5SFp~PRO))IJCING A$rOR- ABLE AZADJRAC~TIN-RltH INSECTICIDE FkoMSPERM NUCLEJ OF THi!.NEEMrREE,the sperm nuclei oftheneem tree are crushed,dtssQ)ved and extracted. The solvent used water, and the aqueous extract is miXed with anQrganic solvent which is1ncompletely miscible with water and in which the azadirachtin has a higher solubility than in water; use: pesticide

12.11.92 Pa 9219616
Vincent Henry Guerrini: IMPRPyEMENTS OF A ptSTI CID AU INSECT -REPELLANT COMPRISING SYNTHESIS OF A NEW PESTICIDALlINSECT-REPELLANT, a novetmethodto improve the pesticidal~nd repeUant properties of neem extracts or azaditaChtin containing compositions comprising the thesis of a newpesticide repellant, Neemexttacts conctamlncg azadlra ~htlnSOr ,Ic,t compositionscont ~ningneemlr,( eXtractsotneem eXtC cts with ,f 1 c azaditachtins, diaIqltolu, , , amidesand volatile ,oilsar~ ~( heatedbetw~n30and 200 !' , ,degreesffom 1second to 1,000 hours to improve thepesticidat ; cand tepellaIitpropertiesof the compositions, or synthesise new pestlcldes or msect!epellants; use: pesticide

20.1.93 USP
5229001/28.10.93 PCT
932091611.2.95 EP 0636048

Agridyne Technologies Inc, USA:SEtECTIVE REMOV At OF AFtA TOXIN FROM AZADIRACHTIN CONTAINING COMPOSITIONS, a method for the selective removal of contaminants, including aflatoxin, from azadirach tin ,containing material; use: pesticide

25.1.94 USP
5281618/30.3.94 EP 0589547

W R Grace & Co, USA: STORAGE-STABLEHIG (AzADlRAC1fTIN SPLUTION: Stora ge- stab lepestici de tompositionSCO~prising neem lseed e