The study updates the post 2004 elephant crop-raiding situation around Bia Conservation Area (BCA). This was done through an analysis of data on elephant damage from crop-raiding report forms completed for all raids occurring between 2004 and 2006 at BCA. There were 103 elephant crop damage incidents involving
95 farms belonging to 72 farmers. The southern portions of BCA were found to experience the most raids. The number of raids increased with the proximity of farms to the park boundary, types and the diversity of crops grown and size of farms. Elephants crop-raiding was targeted largely at mature crops. In light of these risks, farmers should be encouraged and supported to protect their crops especially during the peak raiding
season. Farmers should also grow their food crops away from the boundary of the park or be supported to practise mono-cropping of low-risk crop species near the park to act as a buffer.