Cutting out waste

The Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (hal) has recently initiated ecofriendly pilot projects at its Bangalore aircraft division, which will not only minimise waste, but will also help save huge sums of money. The projects include installation of a biogas plant and harvesting rainwater. The biogas plant, which is being set up with the help of the Gujarat-based Sardar Patel Renewable Energy Resources Institute, will consume 300 kilogrammes of canteen waste every day and produce 230 cylinders of biogas per annum. hal hopes to recover its investment of Rs four lakh within three years. The rainwater harvesting model will be constructed in the tool room hanger. Through this initiative, hal hopes to save 3,600,000 litres of water per year. Solar water heaters are also being fitted in the canteen, while solar lighting systems for the entire division are on the anvil.

hal's prime focus is to reduce waste at source