Distinct identity

AN IDENTITY-CARD with a unique individual citizen code could be of immense use for security purposes especially in checking border infiltration and impersonation, as also during elections. With these specifications in mind, security systems specialists at the Bombay-based Bhabha Atomic Research Centre have designed a cost-effective computer laser 1-card printing system for issuing multipurpose 1-cards.

The primary emphasis in this system is on digitisation of images for low-cost reproducibility and retrieval of pictures with clarity adequate for identification purposes.

Mounted on a mobile van, the system consists of a black and white video camera, image monitor, personal computer with frame grabber, paper cutter and laminator. The video signals from the camera are fed into the video capture board of a frame grabber which digitises and records the image. Then the video display board generates the output for display on the image monitor, which can be scaled and stored on a hard disk. The 1-card information is formatted so that 4 1-cards can be printed simultaneously.