DuPont goes green

Problems of pollution of the Rs 400-crore Thapar-DuPont project to manufacture nylon in Goa has become a bone of contention between the partners. Evidently, pollution control experts reporting directly to DuPont headquarters in the US have warned that more comprehensive planning has I to be done to control the 4 operational areas expected to cause pollution.

Insiders reveal that there is considerable disagreement between the partners over the treatment systems for each of these. They also point out that the sudden concern for the environment by the American multinational, stems principally from its desire to safeguard the recent permission of the Indian government for a 100 per cent DuPont owned subsidiary to manage its investments in. the country.

Ironically, the state government has cracked down on those involved in the October 12 attack on the Thapar-DuPont plant by charging 18 of the arrested activists under the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act.